You always think about your part
Have you ever thought about my heart
You say in me you trust
But deeply iam the one you disrespect

Iam the one who created you
And am in love with you
I always bless you
But you are asking when did i do this to you

Why are you doing this to me
you always choose the devil over me
Iam telling you return to me
Because you will only be safe with me

What have I done
To deserve what you are doing
Where did I went wrong
In return to get this thorn

When you are in trouble you run to your phone
Instead of running to my throne
Whatever the evil one to you has done
You say that is part of my plan

The one who created the world
Haven’t you read my word
I always do good

Children listen to me
Nothing evil comes from me
I created you just like me
Inorder for you to please me

My son came down himself
To deliver you from your flesh
Because of the thing you did to yourself
How can you continue to rebell?!

Come back to me my lovely children
I will put your heart back to Eden
Where I made you to reign
For this world is in your dominion


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