Holy spirit


I am the true shepherd
For you I died
You don’t need to feel condemned
Your sin I have paid

From the beginning I knew you
I was the voice in the garden that visited you
In fact I am the one who created you
And now am living inside you

I am the light
That makes you alive
To be able to survive
In everything you strive

From the darkness I pulled you out
You don’t need to doubt
About anything I taught
For everything was for your benefit

I will never leave you alone
Iam the cornerstone
Which the world scorn
But I have made you my home

You are my sheep
Whom I love too deep
Far from the evil one I always keep
I died so that you could sleep


John 11:25-26, 1 Corinthians 15: 51, Psalm 118:22, John 14:23)


16 thoughts on “CHRIST”

  1. This is the truth. This post reveals the beauty of the TRUTH, Jesus Christ, the LORD God, Saviour and the Intercessor between God and man. Amen!!! Thanks for following me. More grace, I ask, to your elbows.

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