I love you so much Samson
I heard you killed a lion
Please make me your companion
And I will become what you own

Samson fell into a love trap
He had to drink his chosen cup
He was caught just like a rat
In the love that turned to hurt

Delilah wasn’t sure that she really loved him
So she betrayed him
She thought they will just beat him
But his eyes they choped out of him

when she saw what they did
her heart was troubled
because him she loved
so herself she betrayed

Samson knew what delilah was thinking
But that feeling continued to cling
And because of this thing
He ended up dying

what does this reveal to you
Its just like Christ and you
He really loves you
But like Delilah that is what you do

Christ like Samson
He took the thorn
And put us on the throne
To wear his crown

He says, accept me in your heart
And I will modify your night
It will be so sweet
And not tight

I will feel you with joy
Your life you will enjoy
And I will try
To never let you cry


( ref: Judges 16:17-21, Luke 22:42 )


14 thoughts on “SAMSON AND DELILAH”

  1. “Love everyone but Trust only God.” That’s the message i learn from a poem. We should always learn to leave the word Trust to God only. People die and leave us. He is the only One who said, “I’ll will never leave you.” He is the Author and Finisher of our lives. His name is Jesus.

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