What is faith?!

Being sure
Of the unseen

What many
Of us
Hold on to

That faith alone
Is not enough
Works has to play its part
To make it perfect

And the scripture
Will be fulfilled

You are head and not tail
That is true
But if you don’t put your best
Certainly you will fail

You believe in God
That is very good
But even the devils do
And tremble

Faith without works is dead
Just like body without spirit

The scripture of Abraham
Being the friend of God
Was fulfilled
After he offered isaac

Put this in your mind
Scriptures are only fulfilled
After you play
Your part

Work out your own salvation
With fear and trembling

( ref: Philippians 2:12, James 2:14-26 )


5 thoughts on “FAITH AND WORKS”

  1. I have been reading a lot about Paul, his life and writing, over the past couple of years. Yes, faith is the reason for doing good. I came across this last night (in Pope Benedicts XVI’s General Audience, November 19, 2008): “Christian freedom is not libertinism; the liberation of which St. Paul spoke is not liberation from good works.”
    – Oscar

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