An evil urge
Underneath my body

Senses playing catalyst
Applauding its activity

Number of beats
As juice
My body

When I see the thing I lack
In the hands of another
All evil thoughts in my heart I gather
How further?

Body execising power
Over my soul
Day and night I toil
To change the story

So hard
To break
This bond

No changes
Cause am trying to do
What christ has done

Came as human
Carried my cross
Paid my sins
Gave me his spirit
After being born again
Freed from any kind of bondage

Body dead
Born of God
Not of blood
Spirit quickening
My mortal body
Terbanacle of the living God

“All things are mine in christ”
Has changed my life
Cause I can never
Desire what is mine

The bondage I had
Was a state of mind
Not having knowledge
Of what I had
But through the word
I renewed my mind

My people Perish for lack of knowledge

( ref: John, 1 Corinthians 3:21, Romans 12:2, Hosea 4:6 )


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