My heart is stirred up
By a noble theme
I feel like to jump
When I recite for the king

My toungue is a pen
Of a skillful writer
Am having fun
While reading his scriptures

He has anointed me
With the oil of Gladness
His blessings are with me
Ooh I love his presence

In christ I am preserved
I know I dont deserve it
But me he has blessed
And sealed with his Spirit

Up high am exalted
More than I think
And he has said
I am very meek

Ooh his voice
Is very pleasant
Its easy for me to notice
Cause his word in me he has plant

God misses you
Think about it
He yearns for you
Commune with him in spirit

( ref: Psalms 45:1, Psalms 45:7, Ephesians 1:13 )



Once upon a time
There was a skillful singer
Who sang in a beatiful rythme
That blessed the creator

He sang different from others
His way was very unique
By God he was preferred
More than you think

One day he was praying
And he asked God
For a new song
That through it God will be blessed

And God responded
And said, You make for me a song
That’s why I have given you a mind
To use it along

And the singer wrote a rhyme
With little words
God endend up dancing
With a smile in his face

Bless God with your mind
In whatever you do
Now you have to decide
So that it can happen to you too

( ref: Psalm 33:3, Zephaniah 3:17 )



You are hustling
You want everything to be working
But nothing is going
The way you were thinking

It has reached a point
That all you feel is regret
Cause nothing good you get
But have you put GOD first?!

Check your priority list
And see what you miss
Isn’t it God
Whom you need

You can’t put GOD out of ur list
And expect to be the best
You need to change
and put him first

If you do it, in whatever you do you will succeed
because in you he will plant his seed
which will make you able to get
whatever u need

Don’t feel bad
Remember he is good
Just change the mode
And everything will stop being odd

He is for you
Not against you
Just ask forgiveness
And he will clean up the mess

( ref: 1 Peter 1:23, Proverbs 3:6 )



Sitting on my chair
Writting a letter
Surrounded by smooth air
To my lovely creator

His eyes are upon the righteous
You are one of them
That is what Jesus Christ died to give us
Two thousand years, back then

When I read it
He laughs
I know it
Because that is what he does

This is also a prayer
A two way conversation
Satan won’t dare
To interrupt my attention

Communing with him I love
what a beautiful moment
It is more than enough
He makes me forget all the evil one’s torments

You can do this too
If you want to have joy
He will respond to you too
You just need to give it a try

( ref: Psalms 34:15, Romans 5:17 )



I don’t know what to do
Because I don’t have you
Where will I get you
I am seeking you

Many things are troubling me
Please help me through
So that I may be able to do
Something new

Solomon talked about you
Christ the same did of you
Am not accustomed to use you
But i need you

Respond please
So that I can be at ease
Seeking you I won’t cease
I wanna have you by any means

Don’t worry
I have come with a way
That you will be able to stay
and not sway

Christ has been made unto us wisdom
Which is greater than that of solomon
The disciples to us have shown
How to switch it on

Christ is the word of God
Which you need
In order for you to receive
The wisdom you seek

( ref: Proverbs 1:28,  Proverbs 1:20, Luke 11:31, James 3:17, 1 Corinthians 1:30 )