As light shines in the darkness
You shone in my heart and
My loneliness disappeared

I tried to use many different ways
To dilute the loneliness I had
But nothing seemed fit

Mammals, reptiles sorrounded me
I was the one who named them
But it still felt lonely

when God saw I couldn’t be happy
He took you from inside me
To satisfy me

Then you appeared
And my heart merried
Beauty of beauties you were

But the evil serpent deceived you
Bad enough I was watching
When you took that fruit

You ate it and gave it to me
I couldn’t refuse it
Cause you are me

The serpent deceived you, not me
But how could I betray myself
bone from my bones?!

Tell me how could I let you
die alone
You are the bone from bones

A Man and woman will leave their parents
And this two will become one
Understand this bone from my bones

( ref : Genesis 2 & 3 )



An evil urge
Underneath my body

Senses playing catalyst
Applauding its activity

Number of beats
As juice
My body

When I see the thing I lack
In the hands of another
All evil thoughts in my heart I gather
How further?

Body execising power
Over my soul
Day and night I toil
To change the story

So hard
To break
This bond

No changes
Cause am trying to do
What christ has done

Came as human
Carried my cross
Paid my sins
Gave me his spirit
After being born again
Freed from any kind of bondage

Body dead
Born of God
Not of blood
Spirit quickening
My mortal body
Terbanacle of the living God

“All things are mine in christ”
Has changed my life
Cause I can never
Desire what is mine

The bondage I had
Was a state of mind
Not having knowledge
Of what I had
But through the word
I renewed my mind

My people Perish for lack of knowledge

( ref: John, 1 Corinthians 3:21, Romans 12:2, Hosea 4:6 )



What is faith?!

Being sure
Of the unseen

What many
Of us
Hold on to

That faith alone
Is not enough
Works has to play its part
To make it perfect

And the scripture
Will be fulfilled

You are head and not tail
That is true
But if you don’t put your best
Certainly you will fail

You believe in God
That is very good
But even the devils do
And tremble

Faith without works is dead
Just like body without spirit

The scripture of Abraham
Being the friend of God
Was fulfilled
After he offered isaac

Put this in your mind
Scriptures are only fulfilled
After you play
Your part

Work out your own salvation
With fear and trembling

( ref: Philippians 2:12, James 2:14-26 )



Elisha Elisha
Why couldn’t you heal

Life was still
In your bones
After you decayed
A dead body

Was resurrected
After getting in contact
With your bones

You healed others
Why didn’t heal yourself
How Elijah felt sorry for you

Double portion
Of his spirit
You received
How could you be deceived

You parted the sea
You prophesied
But why did you let
This be your story

Ooh blessed Elisha
Why couldn’t you do
This small task
My prophet

( ref : 2 Kings 2, 2 Kings 13 )



I know this day you call it valentines day
Proving your love to your loved one

It reminds me the day
I formed and fashioned you
In my likeness
In my hand
Craving for my breath

Not only that but it also
Reminds me when
I took your sins
And made you free
From the kingdom of darkness

Sin has no dominion
Over you
You have liberty
But one thing you have forgotten
You are the apple of my eye

The one I created just to love
But you have been fed up
With the devil’s lies
To the extent that your thoughts
Are filled with diceptions

All you think is my wrath
But remember I vented it
On myself
Me and you are at peace
Understand this please

I missed you
I know you are busy
And I understand
But if you got time
Please stop by

At least say hi
For I long for you
In jealousy
You love the world
More than I

And you only come to me
When you are in need of help
What you are doing isn’t right
Judge it yourself
And see if I deserve it

Don’t take advantage of my goodness
You are doing this to me
Cause you know
I have mercy
You are unfair to me

Please dial me today
You know my number
It is composed of four letters
P R A and Y
Just pray


(ref : Genesis 1:27, Romans 6:14, Zechariah 2:8, James 4:5 )